A journey awaits


What would it feel like to meet your legal problem with a warm embrace? That is how you, and your legal issue, will feel when you have engaged our services.


We see our clients and their legal questions as sacred. This means that you are to be held in a safe space as you are guided and supported by our team. You will learn how your legal conflict forms a valuable part of who you are and why it has been attracted to you. 


Before you read on, we would like you to understand that whilst we ARE for everyone, many will not be ready to embark on the journey of self-exploration needed to shift your perceived problem into the gift it brings you.

Accordingly, we are very selective as to whom we accept as clients. Our services are designed for you if one or more of the following apply:

  • you have a real desire to be supported in navigating the legal system from a higher level of consciousness.

  • you are open to exploring your fears.

  • you are open to shifting your perception of life to see that every challenge you face is yours to embrace.

  • you are open to using your legal issue as an opportunity for personal growth.

  • you are open to learning that in reality there are no problems to solve, only fears to dissolve.

  • you are open to learning how life can be fun, no matter what you are facing.

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Sacred Legal came into being from the imaginings of lawyers with over 65 years of combined experience within the legal system, who understand that clients want more than to become part of a insensitive and disempowering process.


Having personally been clients of the Family Law system, their experiences have shown them that the legal system results in fragmentation at both a personal and community level. An overall negative and dissatisfying experience.

Sacred legal has turned this around to help our clients experience positive outcomes.

Of course, this requires a radically different approach. Our staff are all trained by the Centre of Love and Wisdom in the art of holding space for you as support for your evolution toward a more satisfying life. This is all about you.

We have found the fun in the game.

We show you how to find the fun too.

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