Moving Above + Beyond the Rule of Law

“The Rule of Law is fundamental to our decision making both in our careers and our lives”.


The Rule of Law is a societal system of organisation that has served humanity well for thousands of years. 

The Rule of Law was the evolutionary advancement or quantum leap in consciousness above + beyond the more primitive “Law of the Jungle” platform for decision making.

The Rule of Law has been amazing in helping us develop our communities and intellect and give us security for survival and comfort.


However, it is a fear-based system. That is, it only works if people are basically fearful of the consequences of their decisions. Most choices are therefore motivated by fear.

Laws can be defined widely to include such things as fixed or rigid, rules, regulations, beliefs, rights, ethics, manners, fashion, codes of behaviour, traditions, standards, etcetera. It is anything that draws a line to distinguish a perceived 'good' from a perceived 'bad' and seeks to impose that distinction to influence a human's behaviour in the future, even your own rule to control your own behaviour at any moment in the future.

For example,the famous story of  Moses with the 10 Commandments. The Israelites were fearful people and Moses was a fearful leader. Moses asked how he could control these fearful people and was given 10 laws to distract them. It did not really matter what the 10 laws were as they just needed to occupy their attention. Later Jesus said the law was fulfilled by just being Love for all… anyone living that way did not need laws just momentary wisdom or the will of God to guide all choices. Did Moses ask the wrong question to achieve bliss?

The Rule of Law is the way a small number of people can control the masses.


If there are negative consequences happening in the World then are these due to human decision making and thought based on the Rule of Law and the separation and fear it creates? 

If so, then we are at a stage of human evolution that requires the next quantum leap to a totally alternative platform for decision making. A bit like moving from the antiquated 'analogue' platform to the revolutionary 'digital' platform.


The Panacea Theory is a theory to be explored as a pathway to expanded Consciousness. 


The Panacea Theory is simply that:


“If you make all your decisions each day at the vibration of Love + in accordance with Momentary Wisdom then you will experience flourishing optimal living?”


If you are looking to take the next quantum leap in consciousness then this may be a place for you to start to expand your perspectives and open your heart.  

You will need to have a willingness to become a scientist and experiment and experience the effects. You will become a pioneer as this is the new exciting frontier to be explored.

The Panacea Theory is that all perceived ills or problems both personally and collectively in the World will disappear for those living continuously at the new expanded levels of consciousness. They will be optimising their life experience and creating a journey of bliss.


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