I am a practising Lawyer on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. I am also a Scientist who, over 15 years ago, in about 5 minutes unwittingly created an out of body experience taking me back "Home" to Source/Pure Love/God.

This was real and still is.

I realised in that instance that we are actually away from Home here. We are out of 'The Garden'.

I was no-one special and that has not changed.

However, I now exist (most of the time) at a Higher Consciousness and therefore my life is fundamentally different and blissfully fulfilling and exciting as I go about my normal life activities.

Since that time, in conversation with the Divine, I have been exploring and being trained in how to optimise the next major 'platform' of being human, living at the vibration of Love + following personalised momentary Wisdom.

I often jokingly tell people "I'm crazy" as my decision-making will often look chaotic or random to someone living at a more contracted or fear affected level of consciousness. It is not! Life, with its awesome polarities, becomes a fun filled exciting adventurous game.


The objective of the Game being to keep finding our way back Home to pure Love or back into 'The Garden'. 

It is always your choice/responsibility (so called 'Free Will') to decide in each moment whether you want to participate in the Game or not.


I discovered there are no bad choices but there are consequences of the type of motive behind each choice. If fear based then negative consequences; if genuine Love based then positive consequences. All consequences are perfect opportunities for you to learn the lesson/skill required, so be grateful always.


It's that simple but not easy in practice due to our current systems of domestication into the Rule of Law. Systems that are obsolete at the expanded Higher Consciousness platform.

Tim Williams



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