I am the Principal Lawyer at the firm Tim Williams Property Lawyers on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


I am also a qualified scientist who has, for over 15 years, been researching, experimenting and experiencing expanded states of consciousness, in particular, unconditional Love, momentary Wisdom and more recently time travel.

I also recently joined the Board of an amazing pioneering science research institute in California USA, The Institute for Love and Time ("TILT").

TILT has a beautiful vision of a World where unconditional Love and time travel are embraced and integrated into being. The TILT flow towards the vision is through conducting research that creates Applications that inform that research.


If you are curious then more questions are answered here -

The lead scientist at TILT is the highly conscious and World leader in love and time travel research and applications, Dr. Julia Mossbridge. Her latest book is the Premonition Code and gives details of some relevant research and practical applications involving the current emerging economy using trained "positive precogs"... people who can time travel their minds to the future to receive information regarding the best choices to make now, in the present, to find the best ways to solve our current problems. 


My Self Induced "Near Death Experience" 

(that wasn't near death)

About 15 years ago, in about 5 minutes, while I was on a quiet afternoon stroll, I unwittingly created an out of body experience taking me back "Home" to Source/Pure Love/God.

This was real and still is. I now know death is not the end. I know I am not my body. I know you don't need any 3rd party to connect with the Divine Power. I know I can get the answer to any question. I know I am Loved. I know everything is for my Highest benefit. I know everything is perfect. I know we can manifest anything. I know there are no coincidences, but there are consequences depending on the foundation of any choice (fear or genuine Love).

Basically, on a perfect afternoon I was daydreaming as I walked around the lake on which I lived. I realised I had achieved all my goals in life 3 times over. I felt good. 

At that moment I looked inside and felt this deep void right at my core being. I suddenly realised that having all the externals did not create true fulfillment. That everything everyone tells you to do to be successful is wrong.

What was I to do? I could not come up with any options that were not part of what society tells us. As a lawyer and scientist this was bewildering. I couldn't think of anything that wouldn't just lead me to the same place.


As a last resort, I acknowledged that I believed in a Higher Power, I call God. I also remembered the teachings that God said to hand up all your problems. So I decided that is what I would do and see if it was really true.

So I started talking with God. I said I believed He existed and it it was true about me giving over everything for the best life then here we go!... I stated handing over everything in my life... each of my properties, businesses, family, pets, reputation, and anything else I could think of. I was totally detaching from everything and handed over responsibility.

I was emptying my life and it felt light and joyful. I was getting excited.

I then asked myself was there anything else? 

I realised the thing I hadn't let so of was ME! I told God ... well you might as well take me too....

"Do whatever you like with me... strike me with lightning and kill me if you like as this Life stuff is rubbish and too hard doing what everyone else tells you."

Just as I did that, I massive energy engulfed me and blew me out of my body. I was about 2 feet above my head looking down on my body. 


The ball of light energy then squeezed in so gently and it felt like pure love and just the best hug ever. The voice then said "I've been waiting for you to do that" 

I realised then that that was all anyone had to do. But it had to be absolute surrender.  

It was connected back to the light and experience pure Love . It felt like I was HOME.

I realized in that instance that we are actually away from Home here, that most of humanity are separated from Pure Love.

I believe anyone can do this. It is actually the basis of all the  major religions... surrender control 

Now I exist (most of the time) at a Expanded Consciousness and therefore my life is fundamentally different and blissfully fulfilling and exciting as I flow through my life.

Since that time, in conversation with "the Divine", I have been exploring and being guided in how to optimize the next major 'platform' of being human, living at the vibration of Love + following personalized momentary Wisdom.

I often jokingly tell people "I'm crazy" as my decision-making will often look chaotic or random to someone living at a more contracted or fear affected state of consciousness. It is not! Life, with its awesome polarities, becomes a fun filled exciting adventurous game.


The objective of the Game being to keep finding our way back Home to pure Love or back into 'The Garden' and beyond. 

It is always your choice/responsibility (so called 'Free Will') to decide in each moment whether you will consciously participate in the Game or not.


I discovered that everything is perfect and for our highest and best good.


There are no bad choices but there are consequences of the type of motive behind each choice. If fear based then negative consequences; if motivated by genuine Love then positive consequences.


All consequences are perfect opportunities for you to learn the next lesson/skill required for you to play the Game, so you can always be grateful .


It's that simple.


But it's not easy to do at the moment for most people due to our current systems of domestication into fear and the Rule of Law.

However, these systems are becoming obsolete as the majority of humanity is now evolving to the more expanded and fluid state of consciousness Being ("The Rule of Flow" momentary systems founded in unconditional Love, time travel + momentary wisdom).


Tim Williams