It appears that there is now rapidly evolving a new expanded consciousness from which people are living. The people coming to this Expanded Consciousness Community appear to be exploring, experimenting and experiencing the effects of this next quantum leap in consciousness.

At this expanded consciousness, the platform for decision making expands from the ‘head’ to the ‘heart’. The mind is still engaged, smart and mindful. However the heart is now fully engage in the decision making process.

Every moment is unique for each person so there can be no binding laws anymore at this flow state of consciousness, only guidelines. A law made in the past, either 5 minutes or 50 years, can never predict the unique moment that will present to any person. 

Obviously, a person at a more constricted rigid state of consciousness at that moment may need laws and further training to help them be more mindful and advance.

This is not to say the laws are bad. Just if laws Rule your choices then fear will probably be the deep foundation of those choices.


People will find themselves at any state of consciousness at any moment. Some may move from the Law of the Jungle state of being to the Rule of Law state to Love + Momentary Wisdom state, within a few hours.


However, a person who is mindful of their state of being will quickly be aware of this and may consciously choose to focus their attention to move their vibrational state of being to be lighter and actions more aligned with the positive Flow of their personal momentary wisdom.