Unlimited Eternal Oneness

Everything is part of the ONE Space and connected and there is no separation. We are unlimited and eternal. Our mind just separated and...

No Coincidences

There are no coincidences, only consequences of your decision making platform.

Continuous Meditation

Meditate continuously for that is where the momentary wisdom can be easily received. To get Momentary Wisdom you need to be chatting with...

Living on the Edge of the Unknown

Live on the edge of the comfort zone for that is where all the growth happens. Keep stepping over the fear line and into the unknown

Everything is Perfect

Everything is perfect all the time. Like with a game of football, if you are participating in the game of life you will have the good...

The Way to Love

The way to real Love is to eliminate your fears. Love is always there. It is just fear that contaminates and blocks the flow.

Life is a Learning Academy

Life is a Learning Academy. We come in at birth and leave at death. Every situation every moment is given to us as a practical...